Colliderscope April 2012 – with Ronald Aquinas

Saturday 14th April, 10pm (GMT), Space Invader Radio

Call the paramedics, there’s a bass bin in need of a band aid, as Colliderscope comes careening through your evening this coming Saturday – that’s the 14th, ja wohl! Hope you noticed my use of your actual German just then. That’s in honour of April’s guest spinner, straight outta Dresden, Ronald Aquinas. Just like the city famed for its spectacular and unconventional architecture, Ronald has assembled a fantastic, modernist masterpiece with all the majesty of the Zwinger Palace. When he’s not rocking the spot leben in der mischung, you’ll find your boy hunched over a digital audio workstation, carefully crafting a banging tune or a bottom-heavy re-work. When it comes to mixing, yours truly ain’t much of a lad for the fast edit, so I’m the first to offer the propers to a DJ who can think on his feet – Herr Aquinas does not disappoint in this respect, shoe-horning a blistering number of tracks from breaks & booties to hip hop, to jungle to holy shizzle what is that, over an intense forty minute sesh. Keep it locked for a little funk in your house like this.

Either side you’ve got me, as always, going at it with all the due care and attention of pioneering atom smashers. Some unconventional booties are all lined up to haul ass in the early stages of the show, before we knock it up to an even tonne on the autobahn, leading up to the aforementioned Aquinas’s turn on the wheels. Look out for a murderously good beaty monster from breaks’ golden child of the moment, Mafia Kiss – biggups that man! Final third of the show is shrouded in dark majestical mystery but is hotly tipped to contain (amongst other things), snares that crack like miniature sonic booms and things that go “wub wub wub” very loudly.

That’s enough simili from me, trust I’ll see you on Saturday from 10pm (GMT) on Space Invader. Sicher!


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