Colliderscope May 2012 – with the DJ Loopin

Greetings Space Invader brethren, it is nearly time for Colliderscope to creep up from behind and invade your personal space – at first you turn around all angry but within seconds you’re greeting it like an old friend – you should be use to this kind of treatment by now, we do it every month.

This Saturday (May 10th) from 10pm (GMT) we shall be treading the well worn path of beats, rhymes and bass lines, except someone has gone and dug large pits in it and covered them over with twigs and leaves. If you’re not familiar with the Colliderscope road map – allow me to drop some knowledge upon you – the show is divided up into three sections, or tranches if you will. First up, you’ve got yours truly in the mix kicking things off with choicest breaks, booties and whatever else is deemed fit to work you up into a foaming frenzy for “tranche” number two – whereupon we bring in a guest to let rip on the platters, then finally it’s me me me all the way to the AM spinning tuneage from the darker side of the spectrum – with maybe a little curve ball tacked on at the end.

This month where the middle chunk is concerned I’m proud to report that The Funk is alive and well and residing in Prague in human form. You will, no doubt, already be familiar with the capital of the Czech Republic and indeed the number one stag do destination continental European has to offer, perhaps less so the rolling eyes of one Michal, aka DJ Loopin as he bears witness to the English abroad. When it comes to the Loopin we’re talking quality, not quantity, and with a few low-slung, high-quality remixes already available over there on the Cloud, the only way is literally up for this highly promising fader monger. Don’t just take my word for it, wrap your ears around the Miaow Mix when it drops breakbeats all over the floor.

My word is my bond when I say: your wildest dreams WILL come true this weekend on Space Invader Radio (provided your dreams are squelchy and bassy) from 10pm (GMT) this Sat. So make like Peter Sellers and be there.


PS. I come to you with heavy heart in this missive as I and anyone else who has ever dug the music of the Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch, mourn his passing. So long MCA and thank you.

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