Colliderscope January 2013 – with All Good Funk Alliance

Colliderscope January 2013 - with All Good Funk Alliance

Friday 11th January 2013 @ 6pm (GMT) on Invader FM

Happy New Year bass line devotees across the world and beyond. Hope y’all had an agreeable Yuletide period, if celebrating Jesus’s birthday is your thing…but if not, at least you’re now able to partake of the outlandishly good offers available on living room furniture at this time of year. Festivities over, it’s back to bassiness and your friend in the bottom end, Colliderscope, will return this Friday @ 6pm (GMT) on Invader FM.

HOLD UP. Invader FM? Friday? 6 in the post meridiem? WHAT KIND OF COCKAMAMIE NONSENSE IS THIS?

Allow me to clarify, chums – the management at Space Invader Radio (think Science Council out of Superman) have seen fit to re-brand the station for 2013 and shift things about a bit in the schedule, hence the ‘Scope’s groovy new drive time slot. You’ll notice that the Invader FM web site looks similar, nay, absolutely identical to the old Space Invader one at present, but rest assured, change is gonna come.

Knowledge duly dropped – let’s talk about what one can expect from January’s bollock-busting bag of belters…Frank Cueto and Rusty Belicek of All Good Funk Alliance, Washington, DC.

In the Miaow Mix, we welcome a pair of truly genre-defining producers from across the pond –  Frank Cueto and Rusty Belicek, otherwise known as All Good Funk Alliance (pictured right, next to some semi-naked lady’s Aristotles). Rubbing shoulders over at Fort Knox Recordings alongside fellow top billers Fort Knox Five, Empresarios, See-I, Nappy Riddem, Liftoff, Speedy Consuela and International Velvet the chaps find themselves in illustrious company – and it’s an honour well earned.  AGFA have been producing in one form or another since 1999.  And even the casual or amateur breakstorian will tell you that there ain’t no substitute for experience.  Ripsnorting forth album, Jacks of All Trades, was released in last year and next week (January 15th to be precise) sees the dropping of a second remix EP from same, featuring a fistful of high quality re-works by a broad cross section of producers currently grande en scène. By way of celebration, Frank and Rusty have put together three quarters of an hour of breaks and bass lines that plays out like a master class in cutting and blending and features several remixes from the forthcoming EP, including one from a fellow who’s been a major influence on yours truly over the years – Alex Rizzo AKA Skeewiff.

Either side of our guests, we will kick off with breaks and booties and wind up dark and hard – though I’m sure you know the form by now. 2012 ended very strongly where music made on a computer is concerned and it was really hard selecting rekkids for the spinning thereof, but not hard like hard labour – more a happy chore that one can accomplish with a nice glass of wine in one hand whilst puffing thoughtfully on one’s Sherlock Homes-style briar pipe. Look out for a brand new wobbler from JiggyJoe vs Zenit Incompatible, another masterful re-edit from Danny Massure and an extremely pleasing re-jigger of Tribe Called Quest Classic Can I Kick It? from TobyOne. Post Miaow Mix, I am not ashamed to say we go trap-happy with yet another quintessential example of the genre from K-Theory, murder it with DONKONG and experience the future with Son of Kick, Foreign Beggars & Virus Syndicate. All of this and much more slung together by moi, mixing like people in their early twenties on their first night on the Greek Island of Kavos.

See you there init – DM.

End note: Due to renovations at the Colliderscope studio we’ll be running things slightly differently next month while I’m on my hands and knees involved in cable management. In the absence of a ‘proper’ show I’ll be doing what Channel 4 do – repeat something that’s been on before – so we’ll be revisiting three (COUNT EM’!) of the best Miaow Mixes of 2012 – and did we have some amazing turns on last year? We did.


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